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Welcome to PokerPlex

Poker Plex is brought to you by a powerful partnership between Bingo Entertainment Ltd - one of the world's foremost online bingo marketing and management companies, and Cryptologic Inc, a highly acclaimed international supplier of digitally distributed gaming platforms.

Bingo Entertainment Ltd has now diversified into online poker room gaming, and proudly presents its new acquisition, PokerPlex. Our aim is to offer players all their favorite poker games in the most prestigious online poker room with a name they can trust.

Bingo Entertainment Ltd has fast developed into one of the most dependable and popular bingo marketing and management companies in the online gaming industry.

Founded in 1999, Bingo Entertainment Ltd has now expanded to an international staff of over 60, and has delivered financial performance of the highest standard.

Poker, Bingo and Casino players alike benefit from the biggest jackpots, highest quality software and most diverse and advanced playing environments available on the Internet.

Bingo Entertainment is fully committed to the online security and gaming pleasure of our players.

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